The Freemint is Live!

ChronosWorlds launches its Freemint for the 2250 lucky Travelers who have trusted and elevated the project to where we are now.

Available on Magic Eden on the ETH chain.


Freemint of ChronosWorlds: A Journey to the Future with the Travelers

Today is a very exciting day for the ChronosWorlds community, as we launch the Freemint of the coveted ChronosWorlds Travelers. 

This event is a unique opportunity for NFT and blockchain game enthusiasts to acquire these digital assets at no cost and be part of a strong and growing community.

Details of the Travelers Freemint

In total, there are 2250 Travelers NFTs available, but not all of them will be ready to mint. Of these, 1566 NFTs will be available for the Freemint.

The ChronosWorlds Travelers are divided into three categories:

  1. Available Travelers: With a total of 1566 units, these NFTs are open to be minted by any participant who has secured a WL and is interested in being part of the ChronosWorlds adventure.
  2. Gen 0 Travelers: There are 434 Travelers in this special category. These NFTs have unique advantages and represent the pioneering members of our community who have been with us from the beginning.
  3. Treasury Travelers: A total of 250 NFTs will be kept in the ChronosWorlds treasury. These will be used for future developments, collaborations, and special events within the ecosystem.


Benefits of the Travelers

The main goal of ChronosWorlds is to constantly provide value to our NFT holders. Those who manage to mint a Traveler today will enjoy a series of direct benefits:

  1. Access to our $SPHR Airdrop: Travelers holders will be the first to receive our native $SPHR token through exclusive airdrops. This not only increases the value of having a Traveler but also gives holders a direct stake in the game’s economy.
  2. Dynamic PFPs with Playable Characters: Travelers are not just static images; they are playable characters in the ChronosWorlds universe. Holders can use these PFPs (Profile Pictures) as dynamic avatars that reflect their adventures and achievements within the game.
  3. Access to Secret Easter Eggs: Players with Travelers will have the exciting opportunity to discover hidden secrets and easter eggs in the game. These secret elements can unlock additional rewards, exclusive missions, and other unique content that enriches the gaming experience.

Support from Partners and Participation of Speakers

The event is supported by key partners and features renowned Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). We are proud to have the backing of Seedify, Elixir, W3BFLOW, Juice News, and XBorg leading platforms in the blockchain and gaming space. 

Additionally, the Mint Party Event will feature influential KOLs such as Iceyyy, Kelano, Kearney, Junee, Moonlight, and Shotgun, who will share their ideas and knowledge on the future of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

Launch on the Ethereum Chain and Availability on Magic Eden

To ensure security and robustness, the Travelers NFTs will be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is known for its robust technology and active community, ensuring that our NFTs benefit from a high-performance infrastructure and a secure environment.

Furthermore, the NFT collection will be available on Magic Eden, a renowned platform for trading digital assets, making it easy for users to access and trade their Travelers.

A Bright Future for ChronosWorlds

The launch of the Travelers is just the beginning of a series of exciting developments planned for ChronosWorlds. We are committed to continuously innovating and expanding our universe to offer new experiences and benefits to our users.

On the horizon, we have more functionalities and surprises planned for our ChronosWorlds Travelers holders. From game expansions to live events and special collaborations, we want to ensure that being part of ChronosWorlds is a continuous adventure.

How to Participate in the Freemint

Participating in today’s Freemint is simple. You only need a wallet compatible with Ethereum, a WL, and to be ready to mint when the event begins. Make sure to follow our official channels for the latest updates and the necessary links to participate.

What to do if you don't have a whitelist?

If you don’t have a WL (whitelist), you will still have the opportunity to get a Traveler a few hours later during the public phase. 

This ensures that everyone interested in joining the ChronosWorlds adventure can participate, even if they weren’t initially whitelisted.

Don’t miss the chance to own one of the 2250 ChronosWorlds Travelers!

See you in apocalypse,


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