ChronosWorlds Creator Tournament

With the aim of making an unforgettable Tournament, we have partnered with some of the best players in the sector to participate in this special event where they will compete for victory in different game modes.

The prizes are absolutely crazy, $15,000 distributed $10k in $USDC and $5k in $SPRH.

In total, 17 participants will compete to the death for victory.

Who will take the big prize home?🏆



The tournament begins

Phase 1 was impressive, there were moments of anger, euphoria but above all fun, many were eliminated and a few advanced to the quarterfinals bringing them ever closer to the Grand Prize victory.

The winners were:


The quarterfinals was a merciless battle where everyone wanted to achieve victory but knew it would not be easy to reach it.

After much sweat, there were some players who thought they had done it, but in ChronosWorlds you can never trust as at any moment they can snatch victory from you.

And that’s what happened, only 4 players managed to make it to the grand final, leaving the rest of the players behind

It was time to risk it all


Finally, the final arrived.

The four finalists knew they already had a guaranteed prize, however, none of them settled. They were ready to destroy their opponents and rise as the undisputed winner of The Showdown Tournament of ChronosWorlds.

The first to fall was …(ask)… after being too confident…

Only the podium was left to be disputed.

Several things were considered before fighting, in the end the three charged against each other, leaving the first invalid, @oatmewk , and denying him the 2nd and 1st place.

Only two were left in the arena @Yin_NGMI and @itsVLADRAX.

May the best win was heard.

And this was…

🥇🥇🥇 @itsVLADRAX 🥇🥇🥇

Undisputed winner of The Showdown Tournament of ChronosWorlds.



Fun, effort, laughter, anger, perseverance and a lot, a lot of competition are the words that best defined this tournament.

Undoubtedly, although there will be many more tournaments in the future, but this one will remain in memory as one of the first and most incredible tournaments of ChronosWorlds.

It has been a complete success.

Thank you to all the participants and the entire ChronosWorlds community for always giving us your support in everything we do.

We continue working for you.

See you in apocalypse,


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