ChronosWorlds Only Up Is Now Live

What lurks in the skies of ChronosWorlds?

Have you ever wondered what lurks in the skies of ChronosWorlds?

I tell you but don’t tell eh.

I trust you.


We have returned

After a long time… ChronosWorlds is once again available to its entire community!

Players will face an unparalleled challenge in an exciting «Only Up», where every step up will bring you closer to gaining access to the in-demand Freemint.

Do you have what it takes to climb to the top of the rankings and unlock incredible rewards?

A new adventure

The game will consist of exploring all the amazing mechanics of ChronosWorlds as you climb through different worlds full of traps, puzzles and monsters.

As the days go by new expansions will be included, at first it will be single player with four worlds, which will go from lower to higher difficulty, as you advance you will get deeper into the guts of ChronosWorlds, at the end of each world there will be a final boss that you will have to beat to unlock a new ability that will allow you to overcome the next world.

In the next updates there will be a cooperative mode, where you will be able to watch your friends fall from the top.

The goal is to compete with other players to reach places never explored before.

Be careful, don’t fall down.

If you make the mistake of tripping over a rock and falling into the void, that attempt will be over, your best score will be recorded and all players will be able to see it to try to beat you or to make fun of you.


We will use the ChronosWorlds Only Up Ranking to reward the most skilled players with access to the coveted ChronosWorlds Freemint, where you will get unimaginable rewards.

There will be hundreds of rewards from the multi-reward system where you can earn SPHR Token, ELIX Token and Chronos Waitlist.

Moreover, along the way to the top you will be able to get precious gems, resources, items or even unique skins.

It’s time to prove your skills in ChronosWorlds and reach new heights!

It's just the beginning

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity and be among the first to enjoy the ChronosWorlds experience.

If you manage to be an outstanding player in ChronosWorlds Only Up, in addition to all the rewards you will receive, when we launch ChronosWorlds Season 1 you will start from incredible advantages with which you will surpass all your friends and be able to make a place for yourself in the Galaxy of the Timeless.

Are you sure you are ready for this challenge?

See you in the apocalypse.


Access the ChronosWorlds waitlist and get Early Access and the Atemporal Minikit