Partnership with Seedify


We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking expansion of partnerships for ChronosWorlds, as we join forces with one of the foremost companies in the ecosystem.

Our journey into the new frontier of ChronosWorlds will be powered by the unparalleled expertise of Seedify, a leading decentralized industry launchpad. This incubation marks a significant milestone, propelling our game to new heights by providing invaluable resources and knowledge essential for the project’s success.

This exciting partnership goes beyond the realms of gaming, positioning ChronosWorlds to close deals, foster collaborations, and secure partnerships with high-calibre investors. The synergy between our vision and Seedify’s launchpad capabilities promises to open doors to unprecedented opportunities for growth and innovation.

What's next?

As the ultimate action platformer game focalized on mobile platforms, and designed to transcend onto other platforms, our commitment to forging alliances with the industry’s best is unwavering. This partnership unlocks a wealth of opportunities within the gaming landscape, enabling us to accelerate project growth and expansion.

Anticipate a wave of excitement in the weeks to come, as this collaboration sets the stage for a series of exclusive events and community milestones. The impact of this partnership extends beyond the game itself, promising a dynamic and immersive experience for our players.

About Seedify

Seedify is a leading Incubator and launchpad for Web3 projects. 

Seedify’s mission is to bolster the development and growth of innovative endeavours leveraging blockchain technology. Through strategic funding, mentorship, and a comprehensive array of resources, Seedify cultivates a dynamic ecosystem, propelling forward the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

Our dedication to cultivating relationships with visionary companies aligned with the ethos of ChronosWorlds remains steadfast. We are eager to explore further collaborations within the gaming industry, ensuring each alliance enhances the vision and interests of ChronosWorlds.

Focused on our players and on delivering a sublime experience in terms of fun and quality game mechanics.

See you in the apocalypse.


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