Growth of the team

New goals

Some time ago we broke away from the 2D version of Chronos Dawn of Time and immersed ourselves in the creation of a completely new 3D version of ChronosWorlds, always keeping the essence of the videogame.

This change brought with it many good things: community growth, investors, new collaborations, partnerships and all this together with new challenges and difficulties awakened clear needs in our company, marking the beginning of a fascinating transformation and momentum.

Growth of the team

To face the new challenges we decided to expand our team.

Starting with the product department, a programmer and two experts in animation and 3D modeling joined us, bringing extensive experience in the artistic side and speeding up the development processes. Together, they brought new maps to life, designed and created travelers, weapons and dungeons providing players with a smooth and engaging experience.

Although our marketing numbers with the 2D version were quite good, we needed a boost that would further elevate the new brand image, so we decided to reinforce it with two Web3 experts and a Web2 expert.

Their involvement with marketing strategy, partnership management and content creation has had a very positive impact for ChronosWorlds. The community of players has grown significantly, establishing a solid presence in social networks such as Twitter or Discord.

Linked to the above, we also detected an important need in the design department, so we incorporated to our team an exceptional talent that is in charge of UI/UX, the creation and maintenance of a professional website and the production of designs, animations, videos, elements and icons for social media content.

The addition of these professionals has brought fresh air and a new perspective to ChronosWorlds.

What's next?

Every day we continue to grow as a company and it is thanks to all our professionals, thanks to them we can set bigger and bigger goals and achieve them with a beastly speed.

The team will continue to expand continuously as the needs require it.

In ChronosWorlds we prioritize quality and excellence in our workers to provide a unique gaming experience to the user.

In the coming days we will incorporate a section on the website to collect jobs that are needed in SphereStudios.

See you in the apocalypse.


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